About Us

We connect verified skilled manual workers to clients who need their services.

We care about quality service

JuaKali online service connects skilled manual workers to clients on demand. We provide an online environment where people have an opportunity to see the work that JuaKali workers can do. We want to create a culture of reliability and quality in the informal sector.

The informal sector is the greatest employer in Africa, absorbing 80% of the workforce. By exploiting and professionalising this great industry we can change the face of African nations.

Jua Kali (adjective)- a Swahili term commonly used to describe skilled manual work carried out by majority of the workers in Kenya’s informal sector. Jua Kali is directly translated to ‘hot sun’.

This is because most of these skilled manual workers wait for work in the hot sun and do their work in the hot sun. The JuaKali online service aims to eliminate this wait time for workers by allowing them to get updates of jobs from wherever they are located.

Work Flow

1. Select

Select the kind of job you need done.

2. Match

We'll match you with a professional

3. Done

The job gets done!

4. Payment

Make the payment for the job.

Meet our Team

Nairobi, Kenya
Judith is an African entrepreneur who uses technology as a tool to empower youth and young women. She is a co-founder of Akirachix; a revolution for African women and technology.

Nairobi, Kenya
Clara works on getting the Juakali workers together and keeping the community in the loop with posts, social media and updates.

Nairobi, Kenya,
Michael is an entrepreneur who has skills in marketing and business development. He is a founder of Steadfirst, an experience management company in Kenya.

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